Record Meeting (Cloud)

Record Meeting (Cloud)

Recording a Meeting

Meetings can be recorded and saved in the cloud to share with others.

Manual Recording

The recording function can only be used in the meeting rooms.


From the upper left corner of the meeting room, click on the ◉ button to start recording.

Start recording meetings manually

Stop Recording

By clicking on the ◉ button again, the meeting recording can be stopped.

Stop recording meetings manually

View Past Recordings

  1. Place your cursor over the ◉ button
  2. Click on “View Past Recordings”
  3. Click on the file name
Viewing meeting recordings

Downloading Recorded Meeting

By clicking on the download icon under “Action”, you can download the MP4 file of a recorded meeting.

Downloading recorded meetings
Downloading recorded meetings

※ The retention period of recorded videos on the cloud is 1 month; if you want to keep the video for longer than 1 month, please download the video after recording.

Downloading Recorded Meetings with Subtitles

By clicking on the document icon under “Action”, you can download the MP4 file of the recorded meeting with the contents of it transcribed and displayed as subtitles.

Downloading record files with subtitles
Downloading record files with subtitles

Delete Recorded Meetings

By clicking on the trash can icon under “Action” you can delete recorded meetings.

Deleting recorded meetings
Deleting recorded meetings

Automatic Meeting Recording

Meetings can be fixed to automatically record and save.

Enable Automatic Recording

  1. Click on the gear icon at the upper left corner of the meeting room
  2. Click on “Auto Recording Meeting”
  3. Click on “Update”
Automatically record meetings
Automatically record meetings

When Automatic Meeting Recording Starts/Stops

Meetings start recording automatically once two or more members enter the meeting room.
Recording will stop once all members leave.


If you have any questions or concerns, contact us through text chat support.

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