VoicePing Product Manual

VoicePing Product Manual

🗣️Use Case Manual


👨‍💻Translations on Zoom, Teams, Google Meet etc.💻Online meeting with VoicePing app👥Face to Face translation👏Large-Scale Global Event/Seminar🏢Virtual Office


📲Mobile App

🔰Detailed Guide

🎗️Customer Support・Inquiries ⚜️Creating a new workspace(User registration) & Installing apps (Manager)Sign Up and Install (Members)Sign Up and Install (Members)💌Inviting & Adding Members⚙️Basic Settings🗨️Text Chat🚥User StatusTime Tracking Function & Invoice for Subconducting MembersTime Tracking Function & Invoice for Subconducting Members👀How to Check Basic Status 📴How to Clock Out (Exit the Application)How to Create a Project (For Managers)How to Create a Project (For Managers)

 🌍 Translation / Transcription Functions

Voice Translation Voice Translation 📝Automatic Transcription Tool💬Text Translation