Scheduled Regular Meetings

Setting Up a Scheduled Regular Meeting

VoicePing recommends creating meeting rooms for scheduled regular meetings separately. This is because the videos and minutes that have been accumulated are saved by each meeting room in the meeting logs.

If recurring meeting rooms are set up so that participating members and meeting times are chosen in advance, members can be automatically invited into them when the time comes.

Create a Recurring Meeting Room

  1. Click on “Create Meeting”
  2. Enter meeting name
  3. Click on “Set Meeting as Scheduled Regular Meeting”
  4. Select participating groups and/or members

Please refer to the page below for how to create a group

  1. Specify the time and day of the week for the meeting
  2. If there are multiple time slots in one day for the regular meeting, click “+ Add Aditional Slot” and specify the time frame
  3. Select time next to “Notify participant before Meeting in” to notify members before the meeting begins
  4. Click on “Create”
Creating a recurring meeting room


If you have any questions or concerns, contact us through text chat support.

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