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Voice Translation

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What is Voice Translation

VoicePing’s voice translation function transcribes and translates conversations in real-time.

VoicePing can translate over 40 languages including English, Chinese, French, and more.
Up to 3 languages can be transcribed and translated at the same time in the workspace.

See the following page for a list of languages that can be translated:

Setting Languages for Translation

Before using the voice translation function, you will need to set up the workspace languages in advance from [Preferences] > [Speech to text].

*This setting is only accessible to managers or those of a higher status.

Principal of Speech Translation in VoicePing

(In the case of 3 people speaking different languages)

The language being transcribed and the language for it to be translated can be set by each member individually.

Let’s consider a situation where person J only understands Japanese, person E only understands English, and person V only understands Vietnamese.

If these 3 people are in a meeting room together…

  • Person J can see what person E and V are speaking about in Japanese
  • Person E can see what person J and V are speaking about in English
  • Person V can see what person J and E are speaking about in Vietnamese

Languages for speech translation can be set individually by members
Languages for speech translation can be set individually by members

This speech translation function allows members to transcribe conversations in languages other than the languages spoken by other members.

Select Languages

When using the voice translation function, please select the speaking language and display the language from the chat box. By selecting the same languages, you can use this function simply as a transcription tool.

Create Custom Phrases

If you speak a term that is not commonly used, AI may consider the context of the conversation and replace the word with another one.

To prevent this from occurring, it is possible to create custom phrases used within the company in advance, so that your conversations can be transcribed and translated accurately.

Custom phrase

Precautions When Entering Customized Phrases

  • Separate each word with a semicolon ( ; )
  • Make sure that there is no space between the phrase and the semicolon that comes before it
  • All members in the workspace can enter customized phrases
  • The customized phrases will be reflected in the entire workspace
  • When deleting customized phrases, do not delete all of them at once but rather each word individually


If you have any questions or concerns, contact us through text chat support.

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