Text Chat

Text Chat

Chat boxes are provided on the floor and in conference rooms as a tool to talk to other users on the floor and during meetings. You can also communicate with people from other countries using the text translation function.

You can type messages manually into the text box, but you can also use the transcription function to convert audio into text in real time.

How to Send a Text Message

  1. Click "Chat" on the toolbar at the bottom center
  2. Click the area next to "To:" and select the person you want to send the message to.
  3. write and send message
How to use chat on the floor
  • If a chat is sent while you are working, a chat notification will appear at the top of the screen.
  • Guest users can only send messages to the users displayed in the menu on the left. The Everyone option in the workspace is also not available.

Text Translation

When you enable text translation, text sent by other users will be translated into the language of your choice.

There is no need to select a text language. VoicePing automatically detects and translates the text language.

Additionally, when a user toggles text translation on or off, it is recorded in the event log.

  • Enabling or disabling will be recorded in the event log.
  • Text translation supports up to 4 languages (English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese). Available in 4 languages only for Premium and Enterprise plan users. Please see the following page for details. 👇

Enlarge/Reduce Chat Box

  1. Click "Chat" on the toolbar at the bottom center
  2. Click on the left side of the chat box and move your mouse to adjust the size.
  3. You can make it full screen by clicking the full screen icon in the chat box.
  4. You can exit by pressing the × button in the upper right corner or the Esc key on your computer.
How to enlarge/reduce the chat box

Change Text Size

  1. Click on the text icon
  2. Adjust font size with the toggle button. You can also enter half-width numbers.
How to change text size

Saving Text Chat History

  1. Click the gear icon at the top left of the app screen
  2. Click on the “Workspace” tab
  3. Click the toggle button for “Enable text chat storage”
  4. Click the "Update" button
  • On-floor and conference room chats will be saved for 7 days only if enabled.
How to save chat history

Download Text Chat Log

  1. Click "Chat" on the toolbar at the bottom center
  2. Click the download icon at the top left of the chat box
  3. keep
  • You can download using the same method on the floor and in the conference room.
How to export text chat


If you have any questions or concerns, contact us through text chat support.

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