Online meeting with VoicePing app

How to Use


1. Invite Team Members

There are three ways to invite people from your company to the VoicePing workspace

Please see the link for detailed instructions on how to invite workspace members.

  1. Create a Meeting Room
  1. Select Languages

Select the speaking and display languages from the chat box.

  1. Invite Members to the Meeting Room and start the meeting.

Inviting Guest members

Share the meeting room URL with external guests as shown in the video guide .

Join Notification

When this feature is enabled, participants will receive a join notification upon entering the meeting room.

How to check transcription

  1. Click the "Meeting Log" icon in the top left corner of the meeting room
  2. Click [Meeting Log] > [Transcription] section in the browser.
If you want to share the minutes with members in the workspace, click the toggle button next to “Allow workspace members to see this log” and send the shared URL to the users.

Sharing Files and Logs with the Workspace

To share recordings or logs, use the custom object feature.

Simply paste the content URL or file into the custom object.


If you have any questions or concerns, contact us through text chat support.

@May 24, 2024 Updated by VoicePing Inc.