How to Start a 2-Week Trial

1. Create a workspace

After creating an account at here, please create a workspace.

For more information on registration & workspace creation, click here 👈.

2. Start Free Trial (requires manager privileges)

  1. Select "Settings (top right gear)" → "Workspace" tab and click "Upgrade to unlock more features”
  2. Select "Change Plan" and then "Check Trial Plan".

3. After the free trial plan expires

Settlement will automatically occur with the plan at the time of expiration unless you cancel during the trial period. In that case, no fee will be charged.

Example: If you start with the Small plan on 4/1, the expiration date is 4/14. If you change to the Premium Plan midway through the trial period and end the trial on 4/14, payment will be made under the Premium Plan.

  • Only one trial plan is available per customer.
For Enterprise plans and long-term contracts, click here 👈.
Click here to learn how to cancel your free trial .

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