Large-Scale Global Event/Seminar

This manual is intended for users who want to conduct large-scale global events and seminars. With VoicePing's real-time translation feature, you can translate the content of your presentation into multiple languages. Viewers can use either a monitor or their own mobile devices to see live captions and utilize the read-aloud feature.


Event Translation (Presenter)

  1. Open the VoicePing App
  2. Set Translation Languages (if necessary)
  1. Click "Translate for Zoom, Teams, Meets, etc." to open the translation screen
  2. Select the speaking language (microphone icon) / translation language (document & A icon)
  3. Start Translation

Adjusting Translation Screen or Text Size

Adjust the size of the translation screen and text size to fit the venue or device screen size.

Sharing Translation with Participants

Share the QR code or URL of the translation screen with event participants.

  1. Click the "Share" button on the translation screen
  2. Copy the URL or download the QR code and share it to event participants.

How to Join (Participants)

  1. Participants access the translation page via the URL or QR code
  1. Enter your name, select the language you want to see the translation in, and join
  1. View real-time translation

🌟Click this icon to listen the translation!


If you have any questions or concerns, contact us through text chat support.

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