VoicePing Release Notes (Depreciated)

VoicePing Release Notes (Depreciated)

For new product updates after Version 2.10.7, please click here

Table of Contents:

Version 2.10.7 (23rd January 2024)

Released 23rd January 2024 (Please make sure to update the desktop app to the latest version before trying this. The version of the desktop app can be checked and updated from Settings > Version).

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📱 Improved UI UX for Mobile App translation

VoicePing voice translation mobile app is getting more user feedback and we are improving it every day. We improved the translation screen with the following points:

  • Translation block will be shown in advance so the users understand that their sentences are getting translated
  • Once the translation is complete, it will be displayed. This replaced previous UI UX which shows unfinished sentences and made users difficult to read the translation.

🔔 Never miss a call with call call-back button

When users miss a call on VoicePing, a notification will show up that allows users to call back quickly. Regardless of online, away, and busy status, You can see the call history on Picture-In-Picture windows or top-right toast alert.


📣 Integrate Transcription and Time Tracking to Discord

In the previous version, once users finished a Live Translation session or using Time Tracking, users could receive a notification on Slack or Chatwork. For this version, we expand this integration to Discord, and users within the same Discord channel can receive the notification and check the information of the transcript and time tracking. You can publish the discord Webhook URL easily from the discord channel setting.


😊 Insert emojis, edit and delete chat text

From now on, users can react to chat text messages with emojis. Users can also edit or delete text messages like other chat tools. This brings great experience to chatting on VoicePing.

💯 Improvement

  • Edit & Delete Actions and Emoji Reactions for Text Chat Messages: Add functionality for editing and deleting text chat messages, as well as including emoji reactions.
  • Integrated Chatwoot, removed Intercom for better communication

🐞 Bug fix

  • Fixed transcript log permission bug
  • Fixed duplicated trial bug
  • Fixed text chat receiver input is an empty bug
  • Fixed translation display bug
  • Fixed screen share object placement next to the user avatar
  • Fixed online log display in descending order
  • Fixed display issue with virtual objects after changing workspace owner
  • Fixed copy meeting URL problem
  • Fixed mobile Ai transcript summary display white out issue
  • Fixed mobile stripe payment update

Version 2.10.6 (21st December 2023)

Released 21st December 2023 (Please make sure to update the desktop app to the latest version before trying this. The version of the desktop app can be checked and updated from Settings > Version).

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🔔 Receive call and text notifications on the web app

Now users can receive push notifications without using the desktop application.

We brought push notifications to the web app, and this allows users to use the web app version without missing any call and text notifications as in the desktop app

📱 Video record in transcription

Now after you finish translating and recording a video with “Zoom, Teams, or Google Meets Voice Translation”, along with the transcript users can watch the recorded video on mobile phones as well. Users can adjust the speed of the videos and skip time.

📝 Improved AI Summary with Topics

In the previous release, we added “Action items” to the AI Summary. For this release, we added “Topics” with below details

  • Each topic shows the main points of the conversation as the title
  • Each topic has details of the conversation

📣 Disable speech-to-text on the floor

To avoid unrecognized speech-to-text during conversations on the floor, we disabled this feature on the floor. From now, to use speech-to-text or voice translation, users must

  • Create a meeting room
  • Have the conversation in that meeting room

💯 Improvement

  • Mobile app now has battery consumption is 15% lower than before
  • Mobile app with video record has 1.25 play audio file speed and save the preference

🐞 Bug

  • Fixed normal user using one character name can't join the floor or meeting
  • Fixed show language option for normal user on device setting page, device setting page bypass issue
  • Fixed translated message first rendering issue
  • Fixed to-who on receiver input is empty

Version 2.10.5 (5th December 2023)

Released 5th December 2023 (Please make sure to update the desktop app to the latest version before trying this. The version of the desktop app can be checked and updated from Settings > Version).

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📱Transcription and AI Summary just came to mobile

We brought transcription and AI summarization to mobile! After each translation session, it will be saved as a transcription and it has the below features

  • AI Summarization
  • Share the transcript
  • Translate the transcript and summary
  • Text size adjustment
  • Delete the transcript

🔄 Mode Switch between Voice Translation and Virtual office

With the “Mode Change” button, users can switch between Virtual Office and Voice Translation. Also for each mode, the setting is carefully re-designed to fit with each mode.

🔔 Live subtitle notification appears when Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet open

In the previous version, users had to manually select the live subtitles features when they wanted to use it on Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet. Now this feature can be handled much quicky by the automatic notifications showing up when users open the meeting tools above

🌏 Language selection for Guest

When Guest users join VoicePing meetings from the browser, they now can select the speaking language in advance before entering the meeting.


📝 A much better AI Summary

For the new AI Summary, we added the “Action Items” that show who should do what at when. Also, for each transcript, users can play the audio or watch the recorded video from here.


📣 Integrate Transcription to Chatwork

In the previous version, once users finished a Live Translation session, users could receive a notification on Slack. For this version, we expand this integration to Chatwork and users within the same Chatwork channel can receive the notification and check the information of the transcript.


📣 2FA Email Authenticator

We strengthened VoicePing security by adding the 2FA email authenticator. The 2FA logic is below

  • If any user gets an invitation to join workspace which has 2FA enabled, then they need to pass through the email verification to join workspace.
  • If any user receives an invite via the email invitation process then they can only signup/register through the email on which the invitation has been sent.
  • The exception to the above rules is that if User joins the workspace with an Apple account or Gmail they don't need to go through 2FA

💯 Improvement

  • Invoice email setting on the web app
  • Improve Google signup flow by adding the purpose of using VoicePing
  • Improve the UX on the payment screen on mobile
  • Added custom STT model integration on Mobile-app
  • Always show the device setting screen for web users when the page loads or page refreshes.
  • Background image ZOOM in/out is now disabled after inviting someone into the meeting room.

🐞 Bug

  • Fixed audio log by custom STT on both of Mobile-app and Web-app
  • Fixed STT bug on both of Mobile-app and Web-app
  • Fixed web-app first view.
  • Fixed app crash issue when open chat box
  • Fixed mic state bug when user cancel recording on modal to select screen.
  • Added meeting log for mobile.
  • Fixed users can't see STT when users are using live translation.
  • Improved meeting log of the report page
  • Fixed the bug that the AI transcript file was empty when downloaded.

Version 2.10.4 (7th November 2023)

Released 7th November 2023 (Please make sure to update the desktop app to the latest version before trying this. The version of the desktop app can be checked and updated from Settings > Version). 23.11.9-18h53 is latest now.

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🤩 Record your meeting on Zoom, Teams, and more with Live Translation

In the previous version, we released Live subtitles on Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet.

From now you can also record your meeting alongside Live Translation.

For Free and Small plans, 1 user can record at a time. For Premium is 3, and Enterprise is 5.

📱  Create meeting rooms on mobile

For Virtual office users, now you can create meeting rooms from mobile.

After creating the meeting room, you can share the QR code of the meeting room to other users to join it.

🔤 Floating Translation and Chatbox

Now users can still see Translation and Chatbox while using another app on PC.

It will show up as a floating box and its size can be adjusted freely.

📝 Much better Whiteboard

Our whiteboard is much improved with great features below:

  • Added shape: rectangle, circle, line,…
  • Able to select the background color
  • Increased size
  • Select multiple objects
  • Drag and move
  • Zoom in - Zoom out

📣 Integrate Transcription to Slack Notification

After using translation, you can receive a notification on Slack that shows the information about your meetings and the link to your transcription. You can easily share this with your team on Slack.

💯 Improvement

  • Mobile and paid trials now available on mobile
  • Improve upgrade plan on desktop PC main dashboard
  • Users can change workspace owner
  • Iframe now supports basic auth
  • Improve text chat message content visibility
  • Added notification for whiteboard and text editor object creation
  • Added mobile app link to the signup process
  • Improve STT/translation display logic
  • Deleted sound effects when users start and stop audio extraction
  • Audio extraction PIP shown when clicking the app icon in Mac dock or Win bottom menu
  • Screen sharing PIP can make users choose either entire screen or preferred screen
  • Text Chat PIP Support
  • Disable Idle Status option
  • Idle status is disabled when object is full screen
  • View Admin dashboard open button is added in the web app side main screen
  • Direct message, Floor and Workspace text message is not visible from PIP notification. Only near user and meeting room message can be seen on PIP.
  • Show the guest user name when subscribing the knock notification on PIP window
  • Do not show the project name and working memo content for guest users
  • account@voice-ping-verification.com is used for outlook email

🐞 Bug

  • Fixed text object creation PIP notification check full screen is not working
  • Schedule doesn’t reflect when I select a day that is not today.
  • Disabled the Enter key mtg room creation when there is some name values in the input form
  • Fixed workspace/User deletion issue
  • Fixed audio log file extraction from mobile app side
  • Fixed wrong total member count showing on Manage Teams
  • Fixed when using google, apple signup and trying to use password reset by that email, app crash
  • Fixed new member invitation deletion
  • meeting transcription log summarization creation failure bug fix
  • Google and Outlook calendar schedule memo sync issue is fixed
  • mobile app side user and workspace delete bug fix

Version 2.10.3 (22 September 2023)

Released 28 August 2023 (Please make sure to update the desktop app to the latest version before trying this. The version of the desktop app can be checked and updated from Settings > Version).

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🤩 Live subtitles on Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, or even Youtube!

If you have to meet your clients on Zoom, Teams or other meeting platforms, you can still read the real-time subtitles.

You just need to click on “Live subtitle”, and all the conversation will be translated on your screen like a Movie subtitle. For Mac, we recommend using speakers for best use.

And of course, you can download the transcript later.

How it works on Youtube

📱  Voice Translation for mobile app

Now Voice Translation is available for mobile apps!

You can select 4 languages among 40 languages to be used in a conversation.

You can adjust the text size to make it easier to see as well

Download from App store

Download from Google Play


🔤 Text translation for mobile app

Not only Voice Translation but instant text translation is also available.

If you are talking in a very noisy area, then text translation will come in very handy.

The text and the voice translation will be shown on the same chat, so you won’t miss any of it!

Download from App store

Download from Google Play


📱  Instant conversation with Mobile QR Code

For a smooth 2 way conversation, it is better to have all users use VoicePing app.

To make a smooth experience, users can show a QR code in-app to the others. They can download the app and get connected to the same meeting room. Every word will be translated and recorded correctly!


Additionally, you can scan the code on the sign in screen as well

💯 Improvement

  • Users can download CSV templates for user creation and can upload correct format template
  • Make the registration flow simpler
  • When the user has a guest session and tries to enter an unpermitted voice channel, it will sign out automatically
  • Guests don’t see text chat outside the current meeting room
  • You can export the user CSV list
  • Improvement for meeting default options
  • Guests can download and upload files
  • When creating new workspace, workspace language selection is available
  • New meeting room default setting for a workspace
    1. Enable Guest Web App
    2. Enable Speech to text detection
    3. Room Language
    4. Enable Mic on When Joining Meeting Room
    5. Enable WebCam on When Joining Meeting Room
    6. Auto Recording Meeting
    7. Delete all data when the meeting room is empty
    8. Enable Rectangular Webcam View
  • Text chat sending and receiving are visible from anywhere
  • 2FA workspace option for all account members
  • Automatic user search result clear when calling out member
  • Free plan User cannot use TimeTracking feature.
  • Speech-to-text recognition accuracy improvement
  • Eliminate the setting modal open delay issue
  • Free plan user now can use 4 languages in the workspace
  • VAD detection improvement
  • Web cameras can be seen when someone is sharing screen
  • mtg audio log creation when only one user enters and speaks something with stt on.

🐞 Bug

  • Fixed created floor doesn’t appear on the iOS app
  • Now when creating new floors, all users will be selected automatically
  • Fixed “when removing the audio device, the unexpected mic mute happens“
  • Object disappearance bug for guest user not enabling microphone
  • Fixed very fast speech-to-text usage bug
  • Fixed guest webcam and audio permission bug
  • Fixed guest deadlock issue when entering the room or floor without a web camera

Version 2.10.2 (23 August 2023)

Released 28 August 2023 (Please make sure to update the desktop app to the latest version before trying this. The version of the desktop app can be checked and updated from Settings > Version).

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📱 QR code for web app Voice Translation

You can create a QR in a meeting room and share it with your audiences

○ Your audiences can access to VoicePing voice translation web app without downloading anything

○ You can select listener mode so that they can read the subtitles or listen to speech-to-text

○ You can also let them use the mic and have real-time conversations with them

This feature is great for the below situations

International events

Online and in-person meetings

💰 In-app 2-week free trial plan

Now you don’t have to contact us to request for 2-week free trial again.

You can register with your credit card and use the trial right away.

The first credit card payment happens automatically when the trial expires.

Please note that each company is only allowed to try the trial once.

📷 Camera & Audio configuration page before joining web app

Now before joining a meeting by web app, users can configure the camera, mic, speaker and virtual background. This allows guest users to have a smooth experience when first time using VoicePing


📣 Invitation for multiple user at same time

Now, you can invite multiple user at same time. You can invite…

○ All of user in workspace, except user who have already joined mtg room and who is not assigned to the floor where you want to invite

○ All of user on same floor, except user who have already joined mtg room

○ Each member or group

💯 Other improvement

  • Set Medium Camera quality as the default
  • Improved assigned member list
  • Added option not to show screen sharing modal
  • Added the option of enabling the automatic webcam
  • Improved desktop-app window moving when chat is full screen

🐞 Bugs

  • Fixed user can't click on Text chat option while using full screen on windows
  • Fixed wrong invalid same workspace name error toast
  • Fixed disabling text chat saving is not working for guest users
  • Fixed audio breaking issue when PC CPU load is high
  • Fixed unexpected disconnection issue

Version 2.10.1 (28 July 2023)

Released 28 July 2023 (Please make sure to update the desktop app to the latest version 23.6.22-20h37 before trying this. The version of the desktop app can be checked and updated from Settings > Version).

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📱 Mobile App Release

Mobile app was released! With VoicePing mobile app, users who cannot access to PC can now still connect to their team on VoicePing.

Some main features of the app:

○ Log in to VoicePing app with your current VoicePing account or sign up new account

○ Move your avatar in online office and communicate with other users within the white circle

○ From search bar, find other user name and call or chat with them

○ Call receiver will receive call notification like a phone call

○ Send chat to individual user, floor or workspace.

🌟 UI improvement for sending meeting URL

Now external guests can join your floor or meeting room easily.

On the Floor or Meeting Room, you can copy the URL and send it to your guests.

The guests don’t have to download VoicePing, they can use a browser to join the meeting room through the URL

🔔 Subscribe knock notification

Users can subscribe to knock notifications for private meetings.

This means if you are using this meeting room for sales or interviews, you don’t have to always stay in that meeting room, because when someone joins the meeting room and requests to enter, you can receive a notification immediately.

🤩 New Avatar collection

We added many cute avatar images for your profile pictures. There are 3 categories: Animal, Human, and Alien!


💯 Other improvement

  • When text chat is in full-screen mode, press the ESC key to escape full-screen mode.
  • When text chat is in full-screen mode, The header and footer are automatically hidden if no activity in 5 seconds
  • Speech-to-text is enabled as the default
  • Consecutive translation is enabled as the default
  • Option to disable or enable sound effect
  • Member can't add manual time when the timer is disabled, manager can add manual time when the timer is enabled or disabled.

🐞 Bugs

  • Now guests joining from the browser can download and upload files to VoicePing
  • Fixed PIP close button will disable new pip notification
  • Fixed infinite ringing when user schedule meeting
  • Fixed toast error message
  • Fixed selected languages issues
  • Fixed Webcam device bugs for web guest users
  • Fix VAD Active logic strategy change
  • Fix the second display screen drawing issue
  • Fix unexpected local storage clear issue
  • Depreciate the guest web app meeting URL link
  • Fix zombie knock issue
  • Fix user removal issue

Version 2.10 (07 July 2023)

Released 07 July 2023 (Please make sure to update the desktop app to the latest version 23.6.22-20h37 before trying this. The version of the desktop app can be checked and updated from Settings > Version).

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📝 Translation tools for Offline Events, Meetings, and Exhibition

  • The Chat Box can now reach Full screen and display text only. All voice and text translations will be shown to the audience from a monitor.
  • Text size can be changed

✍️Text translation added

  • After enabling the Text translation, users can see text sent from other users in their selected language
  • No need to select the input language, VoicePing will automatically detect the original language of the text and translate it for you
  • Additionally, the event log about who enabled or disabled Text Translation is recorded as wellI

🌟 UI improvement for the translation tool

  • The translated text is changed to blue from white
  • Speech-to-text customize phrase is now located within the chat box so that users feel more comfortable using
  • The selected Input and Translated language is displayed on the chat for more convenience

🗣️ Up to 4 Languages can be translated at the same time

Previously, users can select 3 different languages to be translated in a meeting, now we increased this to 4 languages

💰 Plan option upgraded

Additionally, we updated the plan as below:

  • For Premium and Enterprise users: up to 4 different languages can be used at once, text translation is available
  • For Free and Small Plan users: up to 2 different languages can be used at once

💯 Other improvement

  • Able to see the online log of guest users who joined from a PC or Mobile browser. You can also export the log as well
  • Added Camera video resolution on Floor
  • Update default virtual background
  • Users can know who enabled or disabled “Launch VP at Login”
  • In the invoice PDF file, if the working hours totally got from the Time Track system without manual editing, then that info will be written in the PDF

🐞 Bugs

  • Fixed app windows resize updating scaling
  • Fixed unable to scroll the workspace list
  • Fixed inconsistent resizing bug after updating the image object
  • Fixed User cannot open the main app from the taskbar or docker while sharing the entire full screen
  • Fixed socket reconnection, when duplicated login happens, is unstable.

Version 2.9.5 (22 June 2023)

Released 22 June 2023 (Please make sure to update the desktop app to the latest version 23.6.22-20h37 before trying this. The version of the desktop app can be checked and updated from Settings > Version).

👉Register for an online product briefing here (We can hold as many sessions as anyone wants. Please feel free to register)

 🗣️Language Detection for Transcription

  • Users do not need to manually select their language anymore
  • The transcription feature will detect users’ language in a few words

🔒 Lock and Knock Feature for Private Meeting Rooms

  • Added lock and knock feature for private meeting rooms.
  • Now guest users require approval from regular users to join private meeting rooms.
  • You can remove any user from a private meeting room at any time. remove from the meeting room button visible on the user display card.

📌 Pin favorite Floor, Meeting Room, and Users

  • Now you can pin your favorite floors or meeting rooms for quick and direct access, saving valuable time and effort.
  • You can pin your favorite user from the user avatar card by hovering on the username.

💬 Tuext Chat Improvement for Security

  • Restricting guest users to send messages only to visible users on the left-side menu,
  • Removed everyone in the workspace option from text chat for guest users.

 📅  Able to see Offline Users’ Calendar

  • Now you can see the offline user calendar scheduled visibilities along with available, busy, and away users.

💻 Language Selection Improvements for Speech-to-Text and Chat Display.

  • Removed speech-to-text and language display options from the speech-to-text setting tab [Setting > speech-to-text].
  • Removed all accent languages for English.

Other Updates

  • Automatically Close the VoicePing App Window When The User Shares The Entire Full Screen.
  • Added Slack Notifications for User Deletion in Workspace.
  • Added STT on/off Toggle and Floor Setting on The Floor for Mobile Web App Manager.
  • Hiding User Name Display and Text Balloon for Nearby Users on the Floor.
  • Disabled The Web App Flag When The User is Invited by using Invitation URLs.
  • UX Improvement for Last Seen for Aways and Offline Users.
  • Launch VoicePing at the Login toggle is Enabled by Default.


  1. Resolved App Crash Issue When Members Export Time Tracking Logs Without Recorded Time Entries
  2. Fixed The issue in Which Meeting logs Can’ot be Downloaded when a Guest User Session is Interrupted.
  3. Fixed Invitation Email Issue: Ensuring User Receives Invitations When Inviting Multiple Outlook Users Together.
  4. Resolved Recording Start/Stop Display Sync Issue
  5. Fixed App Hide Issue When The User Closes the PIP.
  6. Resolved Infinite Background App Process Increase on Windows
  7. Resolved App Crash Issue When the User Tries AI Transcript Summary Without any Actual Transcripts.
  8. Resolved Left-side User Card Display Issue.
  9. Resolved Signup Password Validation Error
  10. Resolved Issue: Closing PIP Disabling New PIP Notifications.

Version 2.9.4 (30 May 2023)

Released 30 May 2023 (Please make sure to update the desktop app to the latest version 23.5.30-21h26 before trying this. The version of the desktop app can be checked and updated from Settings > Version).

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👥 Simplify Manual Account Creation

  • Now Managers can create N number of accounts for other users by simply exporting CSV files or entering data manually. You can create accounts simply by entering name and email.
  • The manager who is creating accounts for others will receive emails with login credentials.

📅  Enhancing User's Calendar Schedule Visibility

  • Now Users can see other’s calendars (Google/Outlook) scheduled meetings on the user avatar card after integrating with Google/Outlook calendars from settings. You can integrate with Google/outlook calender from {Setting > Integration}.
  • Enabling Default Sync of Working Memos with Calendars.
  • Events log has been added for enabling/disabling the sync of working memos with the Calendars toggle.

🔍 Zoom In/Out and jump to the self-avatar position

  • Zoom In/Out and Self-Avatar Position Buttons were Added to the Top Left Side Menu on the Map. So that You can zoom in/out map very easily.

🔗 IFrames for Custom Objects

  • The iframe feature allows you to embed external content, such as web pages, documents, videos, or interactive elements, directly within the workspace.
  • You can use this feature from {[More > Custom Object > Iframe]}.
  • Events logs have been added for creating, editing, and deleting iframe objects.

🖊️ Added the customized pen line size feature in the whiteboard and screen-sharing. Additional click was removed when drawing.

Removed image preview feature when upload profile image and workspace image

Added search filter to Invoice feature



  1. Fixed the issue that the sender's email is not from voiceping.verification@outlook.com when they use Outlook custom domain emails.
  2. Fixed the issue in Meeting Rooms with Simultaneous User Joining
  3. Fixed the issue that the guest users can not update their username and profile image.
  4. Fixed Text Chat Display Issue after PC Recovery from Sleep Mode
  5. Fixed the issue that the meeting schedule dropdown is not working correctly.

Version 2.9.3 (17 May 2023)

Released 17 May 2023 (Please make sure to update the desktop app to the latest version before trying this. The version of the desktop app can be checked and updated from Settings > Version).

👉Register for an online product briefing here (We can hold as many sessions as anyone wants. Please feel free to register) 👉Click here for a request form for product improvements.

🤖 AI-powered Summaries

  • It is finally here! Our LLM AI Model-powered assistant will help you to transform all meeting transcription into short summaries and action items. From now on, you don’t have to browse all meeting notes again and you can easily share this short summary with the unattended member for quicker catch-up.

💻 New Sign Up Options

⌨️ Supporting Google Signup for Managers and Members

  • This feature allows new VoicePing users (managers and members) to sign-up using their Google accounts.
  • Member Sign Up with Google
    Member Sign Up with Google

☑️ Access to New Floors

  • Removed Disabling default floor access for members and newly signed-up users.
  • Now users can assign/unassign floor access management for other users from the floor settings.
Disabling Default Access

👍🏻 Accurate Availability

↪️ Reset Busy Status

  • Users can now reset all workspace members’ “Busy” status to “Available” every day at 24:00 UTC+9 with this new feature.
  • This supports users to have the most accurate information regarding their workers’ availabilities.
  • image

👥 Expiration of URL Invites

🎟️ Invites by URL with Expiration Dates

  • Users can now send URL invites to the workspace with expiration dates.
  • This feature helps workspace managers save time from repeatedly sending URL invites with short expiration dates to the same person.
  • image

🎉 Upgraded Plan Info

👆🏻New Upgrades for Small & Premium Plans

  • For Small Plans, the maximum number of guest users allowed in a workspace has been raised to 35.
  • For Premium Plans, the maximum number of guest users allowed in a workspace has been raised to 150.
  • Premium Plan users can now use unlimited speech-to-text detection and translation.

📊 Usability Updates

  1. Improved performance of workspace switch and initial loading while switching the workspace.
  2. Added text description for all related fields workspace settings such as total recordings, display avatar size, webcam, etc.
  3. Updated all email template designs.
  4. Supporting app in multiple languages such as Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean along with Japanese.


  1. Fixed the issue that invitation emails are going to the spam folder while using Outlook emails. Now the user will receive an email from voiceping.verification@outlook.com for a password reset, invitation, etc if they are using Outlook emails.
  2. Fixed Outlook/google calendar integration status sync while switching the workspace.
  3. Fixed STT result and translation flickering issue.
  4. Fixed an issue that the user Avatar is moving top of the map automatically after reconnecting or network switch.
  5. Fixed an issue that the total working log value is different by timezone.
  6. Fixed duplicated messages and disorder in STT text export file.
  7. Fixed the issue that the user can not export data from the text editor.
  8. Fixed an issue that users not receiving emails when they request password reset without any accounts.

Version 2.9.2(31 March 2023 )

Released 31 March 2023 (Please make sure to update the desktop app to the latest version 23.3.31-20h48 before trying this. The version of the desktop app can be checked and updated from Settings > Version).

👉Register for an online product briefing here (We can hold as many sessions as anyone wants. Please feel free to register) 👉Click here for a request form for product improvements.

Specification Updates and Improvements :

  • Improved User Invitation System with Enhanced Access Management
    • Users now have the capability to extend invitations to others via email, granting them access to various features such as floor management, time tracking, project management, and group management.
    • Users have the ability to monitor the status of their invitations through the "Manage Invites" tab.
  • Time Limit Implementation for Time Tracking
    • This feature enables users to impose limitations on unlimited time tracking during work
    • Managers are granted the authority to establish time tracking restrictions through the web page under "Manage Team > Time Tracker Settings". This includes the ability to set daily, monthly, and weekly time limits while also having the flexibility to select time zones.
  • The working memo for a scheduled meeting in Google Calendar or Outlook will not be shared if the meeting is marked as private.
  • Supporting download feature for custom objects.


  1. Fixed App freezing issue for windows devices
  2. Fixed the white screen issue while opening the voice-ping app for the first time.
  3. Fixed transparency issue for custom object image
  4. Fixed workspace invitation issue, some users were not able to join the workspace

Version 2.9.1 (22 March 2023 )

Released 22 March 2023 (Please make sure to update the desktop app to the latest version 23.3.22-21h06 before trying this. The version of the desktop app can be checked and updated from Settings > Version).

👉Register for an online product briefing here (We can hold as many sessions as anyone wants. Please feel free to register) 👉Click here for a request form for product improvements.

New-styled Virtual Offices

🗺️ Five New Floor Background Images Released

  • To provide a variety of floor experiences, we have released five new floor background images.
  • Floors with a higher number of seats are also available, allowing a large number of people to feel a sense of unity within the company and work together in the same floor space.
  • You can choose the desired image from the "Floor Background Image" in the floor settings. These images can also be used as template images from the layout customization screen.
  • Five New Styles
    • Modern Style
    • image
    • Game Style
    • image
    • Simple Style
    • image
    • Luxury Bar Style
    • image
    • Hanoi Style (a tourist spot in Hanoi, Vietnam)
    • image

👌 Usability

🚀  Idle status saves PC resources up to 20%

  • After not touching VoicePing for 10 seconds, the app will switch to idle mode and can save up to 20% of PC resources.
  • Restrict active applications, such as text editors, whiteboards, or speaker green status.
  • Return to Voiceping or hover over the whiteboard/text editor to switch from idle to active status.

🤝 Togetherness

  1. 🎥 Webcam resolution is adjustable
  2. 🔍 When users accept an invitation to talk, avatars will zoom in.

📊 Productivity features

  1. 🔒 IP address white list filters

This feature allows users to restrict access to VoicePing to specific IP addresses. This is useful for companies with strict security policies that only allow the use of company PCs during work.

  • Managers can enable IP addresses for other members and guest users from the IP whitelist web page [Manage Team > IP White List].
  • At least one IP address needs to be added to use this specification.
  • Workspace owners can access without using any IP address
  • IP address feature is not applied for FREE plan users.
  1. ⏰Manual time input improvement. Posting Channels like slack and chartwork when Adding or Deleting Manual Time Entries.
  2. 💰Invoice tax support. Automating Client Information Input with Default Values.
  3. 📝Event logs have been added for file DND upload and deletion.
  4. Improved initial loading of transcript pages.


  1. Fixed screen-sharing object visibility issue.
  2. Fixed recording bot reconnection in recorded files.
  3. Fixed double-tracked time issue with the customs office.
  4. Fixed PIP position issue during DnD.
  5. Fixed infinite slack notification for start/stop time tracker while using empty working memo.
  6. Fixed empty event log description when updating scheduled regular meetings.

Version 2.9.0 (24 Feb 2023 )

Released 24 Feb 2023 (Please make sure to update the desktop app to the latest version 23.2.24-22h23 before trying this. The version of the desktop app can be checked and updated from Settings > Version).

👉Register for an online product briefing here (We can hold as many sessions as anyone wants. Please feel free to register) 👉Click here for a request form for product improvements.

New Features

  • Modification of audio-visual streaming system.
    • The communication for audio, video and screen sharing has significantly improved, and issues such as connection failures and failure to display shared screens have been addressed. Please make sure to update your desktop app to the latest version. If there are any problems, please reinstall the app. If you experience disconnections during conversations, there may be issues with the app's cache deletion, so please refer to this video for assistance. We also provide support via text chat. https://www.loom.com/share/f5964ac08e184e84a4631d357b81ad35
  • Addition of new custom office layouts and objects.
    • Available for selection when creating a new floor or using the custom office layout feature
  • Support for virtual office usage by workspace users on web browsers.
    • Workspace users can now access virtual office screens not only from the desktop app but also from the web app.
    • It is possible to enable the use of the web app for each user.
      • Users can enable the web app from web app management page [Manage Members] > [Manage Users].
  • Improvements to the layout of the office map.
    • Improvements to the office background image
      • Support for using vertically oriented background images, allowing for vertical scrolling on the map.
    • Display of background image resolution
      • On the floor plan and meeting room settings pages, as well as on the office layout screen, it is now possible to confirm the resolution of the background image by hovering the mouse cursor over it.
  • Support for audio file playback has been added to the transcription page for meeting logs.
    • It is now possible to play back the recorded audio data of each statement on the transcription page for meeting logs.
    • By conducting a browser text search on the transcription page for meeting logs and immediately playing back the audio for the desired content, it is now possible to retrospectively examine meeting logs in a more realistic manner than before.
  • Maximizing the display of the office map by hiding various menus
    • The sidebar can now be hidden
    • The specifications have been changed so that various menus displayed on the map will automatically disappear when not needed (they will be hidden after 7 seconds of inactivity on the map).
  • A side menu feature has been added for mobile web app users.
    • An additional navigation menu has been implemented, enabling users to easily switch between floors and access the meeting room. Furthermore, users have the ability to invite other participants to join the meetings.
  • Support for data export in the text editor.
  • Support for restoring data deletion due to malfunction of text editors and whiteboards.
    • When a text editor or whiteboard is deleted, users in the same floor/meeting room will receive a notification about the deletion, which will be displayed on the upper right of the app for a certain period of time
    • Users can immediately restore the deleted object by clicking the "Restore" button displayed on the notification
    • This feature is intended to be used when important objects are accidentally deleted by someone and need to be restored quickly by oneself or other users
    • The deletion/restoration history can be checked in the event log
  • Supported file upload and download functionality
    • Upload possible from "File" tab of custom object
    • Also possible to upload through drag and drop on the map.
    • Support for drag and drop of multiple files.
    • Maximum storage capacity for workspaces:
      • Free plan: 10MB
      • Small plan: 5GB
      • Premium and Enterprise plans: 10GB
  • Automatic aggregation of work logs for the specified month and generation of items during invoice creation
    • It is now possible to automatically aggregate monthly working hours for each project and generate items. This eliminates the need to manually calculate project working hours during invoice creation.
    • It can be used by specifying the corresponding month from the Web app management page [Work log] > [Create invoice] > [Generate items from work log]
  • Addition of a workspace option to display the username at the bottom of the avatar.
  • Direct transition from the app to the "Member Management" page
    • Previously, to view the "Member Management" page on the web app, it was necessary to navigate through the app's "View online logs" > "Online logs" > "Member Management". However, with this update, it is now possible to directly transition to the page from the icon on the right side of "Invite Members" in the app.

Specification Changes and Function Improvements.

  • Improvements to screen sharing
    • Changed the specifications so that the desired screen can be shared immediately by double-clicking on it when selecting the screen to share.
    • Changed the action on the shared screen from the pen tool to the selection tool.
      • This change was made to prevent accidentally drawing lines on the shared screen.
      • If you want to draw pictures on the shared screen, please select the pen tool on the upper left corner of the object and use it.
  • Improvements to objects on the map
    • Support for image manipulation on the whiteboard
      • Images can be copied and pasted onto the whiteboard.
      • The pasted images can be zoomed in or out, and rotated.
  • Improvements to the office map
    • Save the map view for each floor and meeting room in the office
      • Previously, when entering a floor or meeting room, the map view always reset to show the entire map. However, with this update, the previously used map view for each floor and meeting room will be applied.
      • As a use case, if a user zooms in on the map and focuses on their avatar on a particular floor, even if they go to another floor and come back, the same zoom level and focus will be restored, making it easy to find their avatar on the map.
    • Support shortcuts for zooming in and out of the map
      • By hovering the mouse cursor over the map and executing the following shortcut keys, the map will be zoomed in or out with the cursor position as the center.
        • Mac: cmd+ minus / cmd + shift + plus
        • Windows: ctrl + minus / cmd + shift + plus
  • Improvements related to text chat:
    • Extend the text chat retention period from 2 days to 7 days (only applicable when enabled under "Enable text chat retention" in [Settings] > [Workspace]).
    • Support line breaks (Shift + Enter)
  • New workspace settings related to display size:
    • Added option for user avatar size (0.8x to 3.0x).
    • Added option for working memo size (0.8x to 3.0x).
    • Added option for display name size (0.8x to 3.0x).
  • Security specification updates
    • Change in the password policy
      • Minimum of 8 characters using half-width alphanumeric and special characters, with at least one uppercase letter and one special character.
    • If there are 5 consecutive login failures due to password errors, the account will be locked for 5 minutes.
  • Improvement of translation accuracy and speed due to changes in the translation API”
  • Additional menus can be displayed always (until you close it or click on map) by clicking on 'More' in the menu at the bottom of the app
  • Support line breaks (Shift + Enter) in the contents of the work memo
  • Improvement of automatically setting the default background when enabling the virtual background function.
  • Supporting pagination function on the online log page

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to the layout of a customs office.
    • Adding cropping and editing functionality to uploaded images
    • Resolved the issue of attached images not being displayed on the floor plan or meeting room.”
    • Fixed the issue with the group selection feature of custom objects
  • Fixed a bug related to text editors.
  • Fixed Vietnamese font bugs
  • Fixed the issue where Google Meet, Chatwork, and Slack web applications do not appear as active apps when in use
  • Improvement of the issue where meeting logs - transcription data cannot be downloaded
  • Fixed the bug where the setting "Enable guest web app" for floors and conference rooms switches on/off unexpectedly
  • Fixed the issue where the application crashes when the current password is entered on the password reset screen.
  • Fixed an issue in the web app administration page [Manage Members] > [Time Tracking Settings], where users deleted from the workspace are displayed.
  • Fixed the issue where all-day events are always displayed as a priority when syncing with the Outlook calendar

Version 2.8.1 (28 December 2022 )

Released 28 December 2022 (Please make sure to update the desktop app to the latest version 22.12.28-20h53 before trying this. The version of the desktop app can be checked and updated from Settings > Version).

👉Register for an online product briefing here (We can hold as many sessions as anyone wants. Please feel free to register)

Specification Updates and Improvements :

  • Guest web app access to specific meeting rooms.
    • Now Guest web app users can join specific meeting rooms, but can not join other meeting rooms which they don’t have access.
    • Guest web app link can be updated in meeting room with password from meeting room settings.
  • Initial Loading improvement for Team management page.
    • Initial loading of manage project, manage users and manage group pages has been improved. added pagination to manage users screen.
  • profile image upload crop feature
    • Supporting crop feature for the user to adjust the profile picture according to their preference.
  • Text chat and STT log export feature
    • Users can download text chat and stt logs (Only translated display language) from the floor and meeting room.
  • Text chat UI update.
    • The height and width of the chat box can be updated freely.
  • Using direct SMTP email instead of using intercom emails.
  • Scheduled regular meeting improvement
    • Event logs has been added for scheduled regular meetings.
    • Offline users and Web guest users can not receive any notification related scheduled meetings.
  • Custom office layout improvement
    • The default template can be used while creating new floors.
    • Improved image crop feature for custom objects.
  • Showing alert toast message when user trying to delete the background image which is used in another floors or meeting rooms .
  • Few more reactions has been added to the reaction feature.
  • Increased the text balloon font size by 8px.
  • Consecutive translation logic update (1 translation per 4 times stt result ).

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused app crashes while deleting the projects(The projects which have more number of screenshots).
  • Fixed a bug that the user can not delete workspace which has special characters like +,- etc.
  • Fixed a bug that the user can not able to download transcripts from meeting logs.
  • Fixd a bug that the active app is not working on mac while using Google meet, slack and chatwork web apps.
  • Fixed a bug that the user can start the time tracker without projects.
  • Fixed a bug that Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'tracker') while users open the app.
  • Fixed a bug that the Jump back to saved position on the floor is not working for quick action.
  • Fixed a bug that the speech-to-text detection and recording limit was not updating while updating from the free plan to the Enterprise plan.
  • Fixed a bug that the translation display is not working for multiple speaker case.
  • Fixed a bug that application Windows is not displayed when clicking VoicePing from the Dock on Mac OS.

Version 2.8.0 (9 December 2022 )

Released 9 December 2022 (Please make sure to update the desktop app to the latest version 22.12.9-21h18 before trying this. The version of the desktop app can be checked and updated from Settings > Version).

👉Register for an online product briefing here (We can hold as many sessions as anyone wants. Please feel free to register)

New Features

  • Desktop screen capture feature
    • Overview
      • A screenshot function has been released as a tool for managing the availability of internal team members.
      • When a team member uses the work timer, the entire desktop screen is automatically saved as a screenshot and recorded in the work log, giving the manager a bird's eye view of each member's work status.
      • A very powerful tool for managing team members who work remotely, such as outsourced or part-time members.
    • Functional details :
      • Workspace administrators can enable and disable the screenshot functionality for each member via the web app under Manage Members > Time Tracking Settings.
      • Saved screenshots can be viewed in the web app under Work Log > Work Diary (members can view their own data, and managers can view all users' data).
      • Screenshots are automatically taken every 10 minutes in addition to when the work timer starts and ends, and when a screenshot is taken, the user will know the screen has been captured as a native desktop notification.
      • Both members and managers can delete the work time recorded every 10 minutes together with the screenshot if required, and this is recorded as a manual change log (the screenshot itself will be deleted, and screenshot deletion with the work time remaining is not possible).

Specification Updates and Improvements :

  • STT Improvements :
    • STT and Translation option for the floor.
      • Supporting stt and translation feature on the floor along with meeting room.
      • Text transcribed and translated on the floor can only be viewed by you and those within range of your voice.
      • The language of speech used for transcription can be set via the chat box in the menu at the bottom of the screen and the microphone icon (it can also be changed in the user-level language of speech settings under Settings > Transcription).
      • Enable stt toggle on the floor use stt and translation on the floor. You can also enable/disable stt toggle from floor settings.
    • Hiding Speech Language when using translation.
      • You can enable a custom option(flag) for hiding Speech Language from the chat box under language display settings.
      • It is now possible to hide pre-translated messages, e.g. in cases where speech translation is used and the language of speech cannot be understood (e.g. when you want to hide the English transcription of an English speaker and only display the Japanese text).
    • Interpretation(consecutive translation) option for workspace.
      • You can enable /disable the consecutive translation option from the workspace setting [Settings > Speech to text].
      • Previously only final stt result will be translated, but now we are supporting partial results should be translated as well when this workspace option is enabled.
      • This can dramatically improve communication, especially if you don't understand the other member's language at all, as you can see the translation results in real-time (even more convenient if you use the function in the next section to hide the pre-translated messages).
      • Please note that when using consecutive translation, transcription usage increases due to the increased processing of the translation service.
    • Grouping messages of STT when switching to a different language.
  • CMS system for default object images, templates, and background images of custom office.
    • CMS system feature is completely controlled by the VoicePing team and can be given access to some users with permission based on the workspace (If needed).
    • The uploaded objects, templates, and backgrounds images by VoicePing teams can be used in other workspaces.
  • Supporting image crop feature in custom office layout.
  • ZOOM IN/OUT strategy update for custom office layout
    • When zooming in and out of the map, the map scales smoothly around the mouse pointer position.
    • You can Zoom in/ out by holding Control key + dragging the mouse.
  • Improved desktop notification on receipt of text messages on both Mac and Windows.
    • Native desktop notifications are easy to notice and make it harder to miss incoming messages
  • Additional event logs for Slack/Chatwork/Google Calendar/Outlook Calendar integration.
    • Managers will be able to check the status of each member's external app integration.
  • View the history of online and working logs (including data exports, manual change logs, invoices, etc.) for deleted users
  • The latest records in the activity summary can not be deleted when time tracking is running.
  • Hide the full-screen button for this empty youtube object.
  • Projects assigned to the groups
    • Now users can assign the project to a group in addition to members.

Bug fixes:

  • Bug improvements related to the ability to customise office layouts.
    • updating bg image in customize office will one-time cause app crash in another users when opening it.
    • Bug fix, users cannot upload image after validation issue happens for bg image and object image.
  • Fixed a bug that does not work for the app display in use after creating a new workspace from desktop app.
  • Fixed a bug that changed the content of Google Calendar was not reflected correctly.
  • Improvements to bugs related to working time synchronisation between the desktop menu and the in-app display of VoicePing.
  • Bug fix where drawing functions on shared screens were duplicated when using multiple screens.
  • Bug fix: lines drawn on one shared screen disappear when drawing on another shared screen.
  • Improvement of bug where text DMs are displayed to another user in a meeting room.
  • Bug fix where the audio output device for sound effects was not set correctly.
  • Bug fix : Remote control request decline broadcast issue. Sometimes remote control request decline sent to everyone in the workspace.

Version 2.7.0 (4 Nov 2022)

Released 4 Nov 2022 (Please make sure to update the desktop app to the latest version 22.11.4-21h14 before trying this. The version of the desktop app can be checked and updated from Settings > Version).

👉Register for an online product briefing here (We can hold as many sessions as anyone wants. Please feel free to register)

New Features:

  • Office layout customization
    • Overview of Office Layout Features
      • Designs that can be used as office layouts for app backgrounds can be freely created using design tools on VoicePing.
      • All edits in the design tool are saved and each version can be previewed and restored to a specific version if necessary.
      • Layouts can be templated on the version preview screen and used as background templates (templates can be saved and switched on the edit screen for easy editing of various office layout backgrounds).
      • The created layout can be applied to the floor as it is, and if it is used on other floors or conference rooms, it can be applied by downloading it as an image file once from the layout editing screen and then uploading it from the floor/conference room settings you want to apply.
      • The object images, background images and templates available by default will be added in due course. Please wait a while for replenishment. If you have any requests, we will accept them.
      • The layout image currently being edited is shared with other workspace members, allowing collaborative editing by multiple people. (Voice communication is currently not supported on the editing screen).
    • On the office layout editing screen, the following design operations can be performed using dedicated design tools
      • Click the customize icon displayed at the top left of the office screen on the floor to move to the office layout edit screen.
      • How to select groups of objects
      • How to select groups of objects
        • Win:
        • 1. Drag and drop while pressing the Alt key

          2. Alt-click selection

        • Mac:
        • 1. Drag and drop while pressing the option key

          2. Hold down the shift key and click-select.

        • Permanent object grouping functionality is currently not supported.
      • Create, reposition (move and rotate in xyz direction), edit (duplicate and lock) and delete objects (available objects are listed below).
        • Text Objects
        • Upload custom image materials and objectify them
        • Desk Objects
        • desk set object
        • Sofa Objects
        • Chair Object
        • Indoor Plant Objects
        • Floor Objects
  • Web app login from mobile (iOS/iPad/Android) browser
    • The use of the app in mobile browsers was previously restricted to web guests only, but now registered members can also log in from mobile browsers (account information is shared between the desktop app and mobile browser).
  • STT support on iOS/iPad (only available on iOS v16 and above)
    • Please upgrade your OS before using the STT on iOS/iPad as iOS v16 or higher is required
  • Supports Korean 한국어 as the display language of the application.
    • The display language setting can be changed via Settings > General.
  • Credit card payment support
    • For newly created workspaces, you can select a VoicePing plan from the web app page and automatically upgrade the plan by credit card payment (if you have already created a workspace, you will not be affected at all).
    • There are only two types of plans that support credit card payment, Small Plan and Premium Plan, and if you would like an Enterprise plan, please contact us separately.
    • If you would like a free trial before signing up, please check the free trial application page and contact us.
    • Plan upgrades during the contract period are automatically possible on the application by paying the daily difference.
    • If you set up a cancellation during the contract period, the app will be available until the last day of the contract period (we do not process pro-rata refunds, etc.).
  • Addition of a function to temporarily reflect lines and text drawn by other users on the shared screen to the entire screen of the screen sharer when sharing a full screen..
    • Until now, there was a problem that other users could not see the drawings on the screen sharer's side of the screen.

Specification Updates and Improvements :

  • Optional function that automatically displays the schedule title in work memos by linking Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar
    • Automatic display can be activated via [Settings] > [Integration].
    • By simply linking your calendar, you can display your calendar schedule as a balloon (work content) on your avatar (other users can see your status).
    • Schedule title - in the format XX:XX ~ XX:XX. The time depends on the time zone on the user's side
  • The ability to automatically open a chat tab when a nearby call notification is received and rejected, and to immediately text reply to the user who called.
    • This feature enables immediate text message replies, e.g. if you are in a meeting and cannot have an immediate voice conversation
  • In-app text message notifications.
  • Notification on remote control of desktops regarding the addition of new PIP notifications
  • Improved setting of z-index (position and order of objects perpendicular to the screen) of webcam objects
    • This update prevents video from being obscured by text editors and other objects during a meeting with your webcam turned on in a meeting room.
  • Screen sharing visibility options for new workspaces set to off by default
    • If you want to share screens across the entire floor, please go to Settings > Workspaces and under Floors, set the Screen sharing visibility option to On.
  • Change of menu order in the app's bottom menu bar
  • Improved default scheduling values for recurring meeting settings (start at 9:00 and end one hour after start)
  • Khmer (Cambodian), Mongolian, Burmese and Nepali added to speech translation.
  • Implementation of execution control using the Enter key on various confirmation modal (supported modal: create meeting room, create floor, start screen sharing, start broadcast, end recording, delete whiteboard, text editor, custom object and YouTube object).
    • There is no need to click the confirmation button on various confirmation modals, and it is now possible to confirm with only the Enter key.

Bug Fixes

  • Improvement of a bug where desktop remote control PIP notifications do not close when the app is opened.
  • Hide reply button for automatic messages with STT usage restrictions
  • Bug fix where STT was not available when custom phrases were set to blank.
  • STT not available on the floor
  • Eliminate unnecessary re-rendering when STT enables/disables
  • Bug fix where text messages were unintentionally updated when other users reloaded the app
  • Input validation when setting conference room names.

Version 2.6.1 (11 Oct 2022)

Released October 11, 2022

Fix stt usage bug

Version 2.6.0 (7 Oct 2022)

Released October 07, 2022 (Please make sure to update the desktop app to the latest version before trying anything. The version of the desktop app can be checked and updated from [Settings] > [Version]).

New Features

  • Remote desktop remote control functionality
    • Remote control of a user's screen during full screen sharing is possible.
    • Remote control is initiated by the remote desktop user after sending a remote control request from the top right-hand corner of the shared full-screen shared screen, which is then granted by the remote desktop user.
  • Phrase registration function for improved transcription accuracy.
    • Phrases to be displayed can be registered for each language via Settings > Speech to text tab.
  • High-performance Japanese speech recognition engine.
    • A high-performance Japanese version of the speech recognition engine used for transcription can be selected.
    • The speech recognition engine is set via the conference room language settings (per conference room) and the speech language settings (per user) in the top right-hand corner of the chat box.
  • Noise cancelling function
    • Noise cancellation can be enabled when using a microphone.
    • When using Bluetooth with noise cancellation, it may be advisable to disable noise cancellation in the application. Switch between the two depending on the situation.
    • The noise cancelling settings can be changed from the menu to the right of the microphone icon in the control bar at the bottom of the application.
  • Translation optimisation options
    • The Optimise Translation option can be activated in the workspace settings under Settings > Transcription.
    • Activation of the optimisation option is recommended if you want to increase the accuracy of translations for languages other than Japanese and English.

Specification Updates and Improvements :

  • Automatic data deletion added to meeting rooms.
  • Functional improvements relating to regular meetings
    • Meeting time can be set in 15-minute increments
    • Automatic call notification to conference participants in 15 seconds.
  • Improvement of the UI display in meeting rooms where the webcam and objects on the shared screen are covered and difficult to see (improved arrangement of z-axis reporting).
  • UI regarding virtual backgrounds is hidden (unavailable) for iOS, iPad OS10
  • Additional settings for visibility of screen sharing on the floor
    • When enabled, screen sharing is visible to all users on the floor; when disabled, screen sharing is visible only to users within hearing range.
  • 0.5x added to broadcaster avatar size in setting
  • The Go Nearby functionality is now available for users on other floors and in other meeting rooms, except private meeting rooms).
  • Default floor only, set floor access default prohibition function unavailable
  • Set the avatar's position to the centre when entering a new floor or meeting room.
  • Improved order and arrangement of action buttons on user cards
  • Additional functions for creating image objects by drag & drop and copy & paste (command+c & comand+v / ctrl+c & ctrl+v ).
  • Improved text size in text editor
  • Elimination of the sound effect function in the reaction function.
  • Deletion of one month old recording files.
  • Add screen share button on the PIP
  • Select entire screen as by default when sharing the screen and click Enter key start screen sharing .
  • Autofocus on text boxes when opening a chat from an PIP
  • Members can only export their own work logs
  • Improved UI when errors occurs.
  • Events logs deleting transcription and recording files.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug improvements regarding camera access after reloading the app with the webcam on.
  • Fixed a bug that caused infinite loading when reloading in a meeting room with access restrictions enabled and an authorisation error prevented entry to the room.
  • Improvement of a bug that prevented users from being called nearby if they moved to a location after calling another user nearby.
  • Bug fix where members Not able to invite workspace owners.
  • Bug fix where YouTube objects no longer appear on the office.
  • Improvements to bugs related to the recording function.
  • Bug fix for cases of infinite loading when moving from a meeting room during recording.
  • Improvement of bug where PIP appeared with no user displayed.
  • Bug fix where the app would crash if special symbols such as [] / \ () "" were entered in the user search box.
  • Bug improvements to workspace setting updates.
  • Improvement of duplicate loading bug when switching workspaces.

Version 2.5.0 (26 August 2022)

Released 26 August 2022 (Please make sure to update the desktop app to the latest version before trying anything. The version of the desktop app can be checked and updated from [Settings] > [Version]).

👉Click here to register for an online information session.

New Features

  • Broadcast feature
    • Broadcast distribution of audio and video to everyone on the floor, including web guests (mobile and tablet iOS, Android) (one-way distribution to the entire floor, the distributor receives only from nearby users).
    • The broadcaster’s avatar will be marked with a streaming icon and the avatar size will be enlarged (the size can be changed from 1x to 5x by the manager in Settings > Workspace).
    • Automatic microphone on at start of broadcast, automatic microphone/screen sharing off at end of broadcast
    • Message notification to floor users when broadcast starts/ends (PIP notification when VoicePing is used in the background).
    • Broadcaster information is displayed in the top left corner of the app
    • Broadcasting can be carried out by multiple users at the same time.
    • (Uploading of background images to be implemented).
  • Virtual background feature on webcams
    • When the virtual background function is enabled, the video distribution image of the web camera is automatically processed and the virtual background is applied.
    • Virtual background feature can be enabled from the video features tab menu in the control bar at the bottom of the app
    • Android can be used with the web guest version, iOS and iPad OS cannot be used
    • (It is expected to reduce CPU usage by turning off Snap camera etc.)
  • Regular meeting function
    • Regular meetings can be set up in the meeting room from meeting room settings.
    • Participants (user groups or users), schedules (multiple sets of days of the week and times of the day can be set) and notification times before the start of the meeting (how many minutes before notification) can be set to automatically invite participants to the meeting room before the meeting starts.
    • User group edit function
  • Emoji reaction function
    • The following three emoji reaction functions are available from the reactions in the control bar at the bottom of the app
      • Raising hands emoji : when clicked, a raising hands pictogram appears on the left side of the avatar, until clicked again.
      • Other Emoji: Display the clicked emoji on the right side of the avatar for 5 seconds
      • Random Emoji: Clicking on the menu itself will display a random emoji to the right of your avatar for 5 seconds
      • 絵文字リアクションに効果音があるものは、フロア/会議室にいる他ユーザー全員が効果音を受信

    • If the emoji reaction has a sound effect, all other users on the floor/meeting room will receive the sound effect
    • shortcut key
      • Option+Y for mac
      • Alt+Y for win
    • (Custom emojis and sound effects will also be added.)
  • Function to go near
    • You can instantly move your avatar closer to other users with the "Go Near" function.
    • Can be executed by clicking the "Go Close" button on the user card that appears when hovering over the user avatar in the sidebar
    • A Go Near button is available for all users on the displayed floor
  • Save position and jump back to saved position feature
    • Ability to record your home position on the office map and instantly return to your home position anytime, anywhere.
    • Available from the user card that appears when hovering over your avatar on the office map, by "saving the current location" and "returning to the previous location" that you set.
    • Shortcut key "Save current location"
      • CMD+P for mac
      • CTL+P for win
    • Jump back to saved location short cut key
      • CMD+B for mac
      • CTL+B for win
  • Viewing information about recent activity (Last seen )
    • Ability to check 'Last activity' information for away users and offline users to see when users used VoicePing before (Last online time information)
    • "Recent activities" can be checked for offline/away user's on the user card
  • Outlook calendar Integration
    • A function that automatically switches the status to "busy" when there is a schedule in the calendar and "online" when there is no schedule by linking with the Outlook calendar.
    • Can be set by linking the Outlook calendar from [Settings] > [Linkage] and selecting "Outlook Calendar" from the user status on the upper left of the app.
    • Can be used in conjunction with Google Calendar integration
  • Worklog manual time change feature
    • A function that allows detailed confirmation of work logs changed on the web application by managers and members in chronological order.
    • Managers can delete other users' working hours and check other users' work change logs, and members can add/delete their own working hours and check their own work change logs.
    • The work change log can be checked from [Work log] > [Manual change log] by clicking the clock icon on the upper left of the app to open the online log page of the web app.
    • Track who changed the worklog, when and why
  • Invoice feature
    • Users can create/edit/duplicate/delete invoices on the web app and download the created invoice PDF
    • Managers can use all functions for invoices of all users, members can use all functions for their own invoices
    • You can check the invoice function by clicking the clock icon on the top left of the app to open the online log page of the web app and go to [Work Log] > [Invoice]
    • We are planning to add a function to automatically reflect the aggregated data of the work log to the invoice)
    • (Scheduled to add stamp image and signature function to invoice PDF)

Performance Improvements

  • Significantly improved app performance by upgrading the base library of the desktop app.
  • Improved loading performance when launching the app
    • Improved loading speed and reduced time to map display
    • Improved cases where the loading display continues for a long time
  • Change webcam layout settings in meeting room (rectangular layout support)
    • You can change the webcam layout to rectangular from the meeting room settings
    • Layout settings can be set for each meeting room
  • Enlarge webcam size setting in the meeting room
    • Webcam size can be set to enlarge from 1 to 5 times
    • Settings can be changed for each workspace from [Settings] > [Workspace]
  • Microphone/webcam auto start setting when entering a meeting room
    • From the conference room settings, you can change the automatic startup settings for the microphone and webcam.
    • If the auto start setting is turned on, it will automatically turn on when entering the room, and if it is turned off, it will automatically turn off when entering the room.
    • Settings apply to all users entering the meeting room
  • Floor creation function is restricted to managers only (members and guests cannot create)
  • Floor Default Access Restrictions for New Users
    • You can set the floor's default access ban settings from the floor's settings
    • Floors with default access denied are not visible to new users and cannot be accessed
    • Floor access permissions for each user can be set for each user from the member management page of the web app.
    • The default access restriction function is not available for floors that are automatically generated when creating a workspace
  • "Call near me" feature for users who are away
  • A function that automatically turns on the microphones of both parties when the person called by "Call nearby" approves from the notification and moves closer
    • Not possible if the other party is on another floor or meeting room
  • Improvements related to the chat function
    • When hovering over each message, a reply button will appear and the chat will automatically reply to the user
  • Improved auto-scaling of office map images when resizing the app window
  • Support for email address two-factor authentication setting when logging in for members
    • Each user, including workspace members, can enable two-factor authentication at login from [Settings] > [Password]
  • Support for project functionality on the Work Log > Work Diary page of the web app
    • You can filter the contents of the work diary for each participating project.
    • Added project information to the beginning of each line in the work log
  • Support pagination function for web app event log page
  • Sort the display order of the floors displayed in the sidebar of the meeting log page of the web app
  • Added items and improved layout of the control bar at the bottom of the app
  • Improved sign-up flow when creating an administrator account (flow for creating users, entering company information, and creating workspaces)
  • Unification of display terminology for users
    • User: A user who can log in with a VoicePing account and join the workspace
      • Manager: User with manager privileges
      • Member: User with member privileges
    • Web guest user: A user who can temporarily join the workspace floor with the guest web app function

Bug Fix

  • Fixed the bug that the same user cannot be invited again if the user is canceled after being invited.
  • Bug fix for version update modal display
  • Fixed a bug where the webcam size would not be scaled properly after moving between rooms in some cases
  • Fixed a bug that duplicated event logs related to being away
  • Fixed a bug that duplicated chat messages when screen sharing
  • Bug fix for mp4 subtitles and video resolution in meeting recording feature
  • Improved the bug that caused the app to crash when displaying the online log page after displaying the meeting log page in the web app.
  • Fixed a bug where text message destinations were hidden on PIP

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Version 2.4.5 (11 July 2022)

Released 11 July 2022

Specification Updates

  • Event logs added for updating the workspace name and idle time.

Bug Fix

  • Bug fix for workspace switching
  • Bug fix for probable failure to enter floors and meeting rooms.
  • Bug fix for Idle time disable case
  • Custom object text display bug fixed

Version 2.4.4 (06 July2022)

Released 06 July 2022

New Features

  • Member search and locate avatar feature.
  • Additional functionality for changing the display size of the webcam in the meeting room and the size of the audible circle of voice communication on the floor (per workspace).
  • List offline user display
  • Working memo history
  • Whiteboard image download function

Specification Updates

  • Supports 3840x2160 (4K) and 7680x4320 (8K) in background images.
  • Forceful version Update.
  • Removed preview URL from Custom objects.
  • Display of total number of users on floors and in meeting rooms.
  • Display of total number of users in the workspaces.
  • Floor display name sorted in ascending order(A-Z).
  • Time tracker, active app and text chat history should be enabled when creating a new workspace.
  • Hide screen share requests to mobile guest users
  • Ability to lock the location of meeting objects
  • Paid Plan expiration  and member expired function.
  • Various shortcut key
    • Video on/off
      • Win:Alt + V
      • Mac:Command(⌘) + shift + V
    • Screen Share start/stop
      • Win:Alt + S
      • Mac:Command(⌘)+Shift+S
    • Search
      • Win:Ctrl + F
      • Mac:Command(⌘) + F
    • Working memo edit
      • Win:Ctrl + T
      • Mac:Command(⌘) + T
  • Event log
    • web cam and audible circle size change
    • jp text update for event log recordings.
  • UX improvements to export filters.
    • If no projects are selected after selecting a member, all projects are automatically selected. And vice versa.

Bug Fix

  • Improved initial loading issue for many users.
  • Selected audio device selection bug fixed after reloading the app.
  • Device selection bug fix for newly created users
  • Online log endless recording bug.
  • Google calendar status sync bug fixed
  • Green circle (VAD) issue while speaking with more number of user on the floor
  • Recording files bug fixed
  • Audio corrupted bug fix for more than 60 users in floor
  • Fixed bug with intermittent audio interruption during voice conversations when there are more than 60 users on a floor or in a meeting room.
  • Fixed a bug that time tracking is not automatically stopped when the user is in the responding status and away from the seat.
  • Balloon text issue while moving the objects(screen share, whiteboard etc).

Version 2.4.3 (14 June 2022)

released 14 June 2022

New Features

  • Summary information added in working log and Online log export page

Specification Updates

  • Addition of workspace setting for text chat saving function
  • Automatic user status update function via Google Calendar linkage
  • Upload and delete function of user avatar images.

Bug Fix

  • Improvements to target devices automatically selected when switching voice devices
  • Fixing bugs related to the time tracking functionality for members who are away from their seat.
  • Fixed a bug where the capturing status automatically changes to online status when the app is reloaded.
  • Fixed bug where generation of mp4 recording files failed.

Version 2.4.2 (01 June 2022)

released 01 June 2022

Bug Fix

  • Initial loading when more number of user on the floor.
  • Fixed bug with audio interruption during voice conversations in the meeting room.

Version 2.4.1 (31 May 2022)

released 31 May 2022

New Features

  • Direct message multiple member’s at a same time.

Bug Fix

  • Improved voice communication bug when moving the avatar to the left edge of the floor instantly.
  • Improved UI style collapse of the CSV/PDF export function for online logging and time tracking.
  • Improvements to time tracking auto-stop bug in case of network disconnection.

Version 2.4.0 (25 May 2022)

released 25 May 2022

New Features

  • Custom object display feature.
  • Multiple language support for speech recognition and speech translation.
  • Affiliate feature.
  • CSV/PDF export features for online log and working log

Specification changes and performance improvements

  • sharing of some user status information to only members under the floor to reduce CPU utilisation and data traffic.
  • Work note and call button added on user avatar's status card.

Bug Fix

  • Bug fix for voice speaker not working on iOS.
  • Bug fix where users who have been removed from a workspace cannot join the same workspace again with the same email address.
  • Bug improvements where objects disappear on the floor or in meeting rooms.
  • Event logs for member role update.

Version 2.3.3 (23 May 2022)

released 23 April 2022

Bug Fix

  • Bug fix where groups cannot be created for new workspace .
  • Fixed a bug that screen sharing zombies remain when WEB guest is disabled while WEB guest user is sharing screen
  • Fixed a bug that prevented members from being displayed in the user list when connected at the same time.

Specification Updates

  • Maximum number of objects on one floor and in one meeting room limited to 50.

Version 2.3.2 (21 Apr 2022)

released 21 April 2022.

Bug Fix

  • Bug fixes for unexpected error alerts when launching the app

Specification Updates

  • Automatic move to today's date when moving to online logs and time tracking logs daily.

Version 2.3.1 (19 Apr 2022)

released 19 April 2022.

New Features

  • Cloud recording functionality in conference rooms.
  • Additional option for all communication, including audio and video, via TCP:443 (for networks within large companies).

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug where the microphone and speaker switched on their own when the app was loaded.

Specification Updates

  • Added working memo to Online log’s

Version 2.3.0 (15 Apr 2022)

releasing 15 April 2022.

New Features

  • Support mobile, tablet of iOS, Android and Chrome OS for Web guest app
  • Cloud recording features of audio and video in meeting rooms (restricted features)
  • User group permissions (managers can restrict viewable users for transcripts and recorded videos)
  • New items for Event Log
    • Logs for account related features
    • Logs for project related features
    • Logs for general features of the desktop app
    • Logs for group related features
  • Text chat features
    • DM features
    • Broadcast messages to al the online users in the workspace
    • Search features of users
  • Display viewer on the control bar while sharing screen
  • Option to hide Time Tracking features

Performance Improvements

  • Reduced CPU and network usages (more than 50% reduction compared to the previous version)
  • Reduced loading time of application launch
  • Reduced loading time when moving floors/meeting rooms

Bug Fix

  • Fix Google OAuth signup
  • Fix audio bug after connecting a wired mic device with mic mute status
  • Fix nonexistence of audio device list of app initial status
  • Fix bluetooth related audio bugs
  • Fix loading bugs of web guest
  • Fix duplication of web-guest related event log
  • Fix text chat bugs of web guest
  • Fix bugs related to account removal from workspace
  • Fix bugs of the aggregate weekly values of online log data
  • Fix bugs of clickable areas of button control menu
  • Removed option of enabling feature of web guest app on a floor creation modal
  • Removed unintended notification of product updates

Version 2.2.1 (04 Apr 2022)

releasing 04 April 2022.

Fix bugs

  • Fixed a bug that prevented people from entering floors.
  • Fixed initial connection bug in web version guest.

Version 2.2.0. (25 March 2022)

releasing 25 March 2022.

New features

  • WEB app guest user
  • Member management features

- Restricted access to floors

- Project assignment

- Search by user name (email) or project name feature

Specification Updates

  • Additional event logs.

- Meeting rooms, floor setting change events

- Member projects, floor assignment change events

  • Only workspace owners can delete workspaces.
  • Account deletion for users not belonging to a workspace is possible.

Fix bugs

  • Improved voice communication problems
  • Fix bug in display of unexpected network disconnection error modal.
  • Fixed a issue that the app cannot be opened when there is a problem with Slack integration

Version 2.1.7 (16 March 2022)

releasing March 16, 2022

Fix bugs

  • Fix Active App Display bug on macOS

Version 2.1.6 (12 March 2022)

releasing March 12, 2022

Update specifications

  • Add project name on Slack or Chatwork notification

Fix bugs

  • Fix status rollback issue on time tracking
  • Fix delayed start and stop events on time tracking
  • Fix wrong total time calculation on time tracking
  • Fix logic bug of deleting unused floor
  • Fix initial connection bug
  • Fix initial mic, camera, screen permission issue

Version 2.1.5 (09 March 2022)

releasing March 9, 2022

Update specifications

  • Support Apple M1 devices
  • Remove the button to exit workspace for members
  • Automatically opening audio device list when connecting a new audio device

Fix bugs

  • Fix for the movement of avatar position after accepting request of getting closer on floor
  • Fix unintentional mic unmute after switching audio devices
  • Improve loading time of contents of screen share
  • Fix for audio issue after switching audio devices

Version 2.1.4 (09 March 2022)

releasing March 9, 2022

Update specifications

  • Support Apple M1 devices
  • Remove the button to exit workspace for members
  • Automatically opening audio device list when connecting a new audio device

Fix bugs

  • Fix for the movement of avatar position after accepting request of getting closer on floor
  • Fix unintentional mic unmute after switching audio devices
  • Improve loading time of contents of screen share
  • Fix for audio issue after switching audio devices

Version 2.1.3 (02 March 2022)

releasing March 2, 2022

New Features

  • New special PIP window to close sharing screen
  • Workspace option to disable Active App display
  • Restrict view scope of Working Logs to members

Fix bugs

  • Fix bugs related to avatar positions
  • Fix bugs related to audio input/output

Version 2.1.2 (24 Feb 2022)

releasing February 24, 2022

Security Enhancement

  • Event Log for managers
  • 2 step auth login option for managers
  • Only managers can invite members

Improvements / Fix bugs on desktop app

  • Mic and web cam is off when moving to other floors/rooms, or reloading the app
  • Remove auto mic/web cam mute features on floors
  • UI Update to shared screen at full screen size
  • Fix audio device switching bugs
  • Fix Web cam deadlock status
  • Fix avatar position issue
  • Fix Active App issue to specific Mac OS
  • Fix the number of users on meeting cards
  • Auto resume of time tracker after restart
  • Fix image upload issue for custom background images
  • Fix inactive Slack account errors
  • Improve styles of the focused floor/room on side menu

Improvements / Fix bugs on web app

  • Fix workspace creation
  • Fix online log bugs
  • Sorted project names
  • improve to styles of Transcripts Library

Version 2.1.1 (14 Feb 2022)

releasing February 14, 2022

Improvements to floor and meeting room

  • Introduction for device options (speaker/mic/camera) on the control bar

Fix bugs

  • Fix for voice interruption when transiting to PIP windows
  • Fix for unintentional reload when transiting to PIP windows
  • Fix for duplicated reload of floor/room
  • Improve for the aggregation of online log
  • Fix for delete issue for meeting room

Version 2.1.0 (7 Feb 2022)

releasing February 7, 2022

New features

  • Transcripts Library: Automatically generated transcripts in meeting rooms can be now viewable on the web app
  • Online Log: System log can be now viewable on the web app
  • Manage Projects: Project features are now usable, and working log by time tracker is based on projects

Improvements to floor and meeting room

  • Update STT/Translation logic in meeting rooms
  • Introduce destinations on chat
  • Remove STT Editor in meeting rooms
  • Remove option of duration to store chat histories
  • Fix unintentional disappearance of meeting cards

Improvements to general settings

  • Idle time option as workspace setting
  • Automatic idling mic mute become option
  • Opening settings by clicking your top avatar
  • Fix issues of workspace switching

Improvements to device settings

  • Fix mic echo issue on floor
  • Fix mic/speaker device switching issues


  • Shortcut command for mic mute/unmute (Mac: Command + Shift + a, Windows: Alt + a)
  • Fix Chatwork OAuth token expiration issue
  • Remove unnecessary timezone option
  • Remove useless error screens
  • Automatic reload after loading errors

Version 2.0.1 (23 Dec 2021)

released December 23, 2021

New features

  • Chatwork Integration: Chatwork integration is now available to notify working memos of time tracker to workspace owner’s Chatwork group.
  • Speech To Text Detection Editor: Realtime STT results are now displayed on editor of meeting rooms.
  • Speech Balloon: Working memos of time tracker are now displayed as Speech Balloon of avatars on flors.
  • Vietnamese support for STT and translation

Improvements to Floor, meeting room and PIP

  • Improvements to STT and Translation
  • Fix for working memo sync to Slack
  • Improvements to working memo input form
  • Improvements to YouTube minimum volume
  • Status card is higher than speech balloon across z-index
  • Chat box is always higher than objects across z-index
  • Keeping avatar position on the map
  • Fix for notification bugs
  • Shared screen is maximized on remote subscribers
  • Fix for the size of screen share objects
  • Fix for the initial position of new objects
  • Improvements to button colors
  • Idle status notification
  • Improvements to new floor background images
  • Fix for black screen when loading
  • Fix for active app loading issue for new workspace user
  • New app logo
  • Fix for time tracking recovery after device sleeping
  • Fix for PIP related bugs

Device improvements

  • Quit option on the menu of Windows task bar
  • Fix for background static noise after mic unmute
  • No change to device settings when switching devices
  • Fix for camera device switching bug
  • Fix for bluetooth device issues

Web app improvements

  • Fix for reset password flows
  • Fix for auth flow bug
  • Improvements to redirection from desktop to web

VoicePing version 2.0 Release Notes

VoicePing 2.0 Release NotesVoicePing 2.0 Release Notes