Mobile App

In addition to the desktop app, users can also access VoicePing’s core functions on the mobile app. Just like the desktop app, the mobile app includes voice calling, voice translation, and meeting rooms so you can connect with your team even when you cannot access your computer.

Create a New Account/Workspace

If you do not have an account or workspace, you need to create one after downloading the VoicePing mobile app from the app store.

Office Floor

After you have created a new workspace, an office floor will be created automatically. If you want to edit it or create new ones, please download and log into the desktop app to do so.

Invite Teammates

Although there are 3 ways to invite people to your workspace in the VoicePing desktop app, there is only 1 way to do so in the mobile app.

Click your profile icon in the top left of the app to display the sidebar. Go to Settings > Invite by URL to see the invitation link.

Communicate with Teammates

Web conferencing has become the new standard for online communication, but the hassle of adjusting schedules has discouraged many people from communicating often.

To solve this issue, VoicePing’s virtual office has an “Invite to get closer” function that allows you to call your teammates over for a quick chat.

First, check the user status to see if your co-worker is available to talk.

User Status


Invite to Get Closer

If your teammate is online and available for a chat, invite them to get closer by clicking on the telephone handle icon from their user icon on the floor or sidebar.

Text Chat

Besides the “Invite to get closer” function, the VoicePing virtual office is equipped with a chat box so you can communicate with people in the office anytime.

In the mobile app, click on the text box icon at the bottom of the screen or from the user’s avatar to send them a direct message. From there, you can show/hide the message box by clicking the keyboard icon at the top right of the screen.

Hold a Conference

With the VoicePing mobile app, you can conduct meetings with your team.

Create a Conference Room

You can create a new conference room by clicking the "+" button on the floor.

Please enter your conference room name and select a design.

Voice Translation (Optional)

The voice translation function is also available on the VoicePing mobile app.

From your settings, select the languages that can be translated within your workspace.

Set Translatable Languages

Click the user icon in the top left of the app to display the sidebar.

Go to [Settings] > [Workspace], for the [Transcription/Translation] settings. Click the arrow icon and select the language(s) you want to use in your workspace.

Selecting the Languages

Please select the speaking language and translation language when using the voice translation feature.


If you have any questions or concerns, contact us through text chat support.

@January 30, 2024 Updated by VoicePing Inc.